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Founded at the end of 2009, the Shanghai United Foundation is the first non-governmental public fund-raising foundation in China. As a non-profit organization and legal entity, it is dedicated to creating new fund-raising systems and offering support to non-profit organizations (NPO) from their startup phase to the point that they thrive independently. The Foundation embraces its mission as a united fund-raising organization through two primary activities: firstly, by collaborating with other NPOs to form a united force;, secondly, as a representative of NPOs, it can raise funds from the public, and pool small donations into a larger fund. Through professional and accountable investing systems, this fund can then be disseminated to NPOs to help those in need.

The Foundation primarily works as a:
- Professional funding group: securing funding for NPOs to support socially vulnerable and marginalized populations.
- Public trustee: distributing funds professionally and effectively, and monitoring the financial and operational situation of NPOs.
- Empowerer of NPOs: working to promote NPOs’s capacity and services performance through professional evaluation and training.
- Consultant of social welfare donations: make investments and operational plans fit for philanthropies and private sector donors, and assist them with their operations.

The foundation offers services that cover all parts of China. Rather than focusing exclusively on the area of social welfare, it also tries to satisfy diverse social needs. To this end, it provides financial support to excellent domestic NPOs every year. Shanghai United Foundation hopes that more and more NPOs, who are its driving focus and motivation, will join the movement.

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